Art and Brain

NeuroArtifAct also aims at finding new applications of neuroaesthetic principles to facilitate the access to art by people that can not have a direct access to artworks (such as foreign or hospitalized people) and to increase the knowledge about the scientific approach to our perception of beauty.

With this purpose, the project NeuroArtifAct won a call of the University Sapienza for the third mission of the University, related to the knowledge exchange and collaboration with the society, and received funding to “apply, share and transfer neuroaesthetic principles for favouring the accessibility of art  throughout digital technologies in tourism, schools and hospitals”.

On 12th May 2022, there was the event “BelleTeste: Arte e Cervello” (Beautiful Heads: Art and Brain) organized by the Association NeuroSpritz at the Mercato Centrale of Rome. More than 100 people participated to the event, that started with an exhibition of paintings of the italian painters of “Salotto of Diotima”, followed by a virtual visit of Etruscan artworks, and then by the talk of Prof. Maurizio Forte (titled “A journey in the ancient time throughout the virtual reality”) and that of Prof. Marco Iosa (“Michelangelo Effect: how art may improve neurorehabilitation”).

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